Our versatile line of durable straight shank tap holders offers reliable tools for precision work. Compensate for tap pitch variance and machine feed with our tension-compression type, while our coolant thru straight shank tap holder is ideal for synchronous feed applications.

At Centaur Precision Tools Inc., we pride ourselves on crafting high-quality tools that meet exacting standards. We offer versatile, durable products that help you get the job
done, from quick change straight shank tap holders to a wide variety of collets. We know how important precision is for your production line, so it’s at the core of everything we do.

“Centaur’s commitment to tool holder accuracy provides the best spindle to cutting tool union in the industry,” company representatives said.

Straight Shank Tap Holders and Collet Chucks
Our rigid straight shank tap holders allow quick changes of broken or dull taps on synchronous feed applications. Route coolant directly to the flute or front of the tap with the coolant thru spindle. These holders use #2 QC tap adapters, CWE style for oil hole taps and CWEK2 for standard taps.

We also offer tension and compression quick-change modular straight shank tap holders, which use CWE, CWE1, and CWE2 standard tap adapters. If you’re worried about torque control, we also offer these adapters in the torque control style CWES.

Use our line of precision straight shank collet chucks—with and without step—along with extensions and extension clamping nuts to get the job done. The chuck comes with a mini (castle nut) or E nut, but wrenches are sold separately. Our straight shank ER collet chuck is hardened and ground to exact specifications.

Precision tools, accurate results
At Centaur Precision Tools Inc., all our straight-shank tap holders, collet chucks, and other tools are created with a “Green Zone” design, offering premier performance and full-radius contact to hold tools exactly where you need them.

“We understand how much the quality and accuracy of your end product matters to you, and so our manufacturing process passes rigid quality checks through high precision gauges,” Centaur’s founders said. “The Centaur Green Zone centralizes the cutting tool, providing concentricity that can increase tool life, enhance RPM and feed rates, and improve workpiece accuracy and finish.”

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Machine shop owners and others interested in Centaur Precision Tools products can download our catalog from the website and help save some paper. Peruse our entire product line and order online to get the industry’s best straight shank holders, collet chucks, and other precision machining tools.

Meet Centaur Precision Tools Inc.
Watch a short video introduction to Centaur Precision Tools Inc., along with an overview of our products, the facilities that manufacture them, and the people that make it all work like a well-maintained machine.

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