Learn why Centaur Precision Tools Inc. is one of the most trusted names in the industry. With tool holders designed to offer precision performance and a customer-focused approach, Centaur has been crafting innovative tools and tool holders for nearly four decades.

Tap Adapters

Trust the vast array of specialized tapping systems available from Centaur Precision Tools Inc. when you need a solid, accurate hold for your machining operation. Our tap adapters are designed for a full-contact fit, so your tools stay where you want them, and you achieve the precise results you need.

“We are proud to offer quality products at affordable prices, easy and reliable ordering, knowledgeable technical support, and unique tooling designed to give you a competitive edge,” Centaur’s founders said.

From the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to customer satisfaction, consistently striving to meet our customer’s tooling needs. We control our entire supply chain, ensuring our clients can get the needed parts without delays.

Centaur Tap Adapters
Our engineer-designed tap adapters securely hold the taps necessary for creating internal threads in a part. We know how crucial precise tool implementation is to your operation, and we craft our parts to deliver the industry’s best performance. Centaur’s quick-change taps can be switched in 30 seconds, ensuring your production line isn’t interrupted for long.

Our Cat40 and Cat50 tapered holders utilize the straight shank tap holders to meet your machining requirements. Centaur offers straight shanks with half-inch, three-quarter inch, and one-inch diameters. We produce positive drive tap adapters for MTC tension and compression or rigid quick change tap holder operations. Variations include torque-control tap adapters, and positive external flow coolant tap adapters in numerous sizes and styles.

Tap Holder Shanks

Straight-Shank Tap Holder

Assembled Unit Tapered-Shank Tap Holder

The Centaur “Green Zone”
Centaur’s proprietary “Green Zone” design ensures all our tool holders are crafted to exacting specifications for full-radius contact to hold tools where you need them and deliver accurate results.

“The Green Zone accuracy of Centaur tool holders also saves you time and money by eliminating unnecessary downtime, providing more time in cut, lowering the cost per workpiece,” company founders said.

Meet Centaur Precision Tools Inc.
Get to know Centaur Precision Tools Inc. and the people who make it work like a well-maintained machine. This short video introduction includes an overview of Centaur’s product lines, facilities, and staff.

Browse our selection online
Centaur’s entire catalog of high-quality products is available online, and those who want a copy can download the catalog to save paper. We offer the industry’s best versatile and durable line of tap adapters, collet chucks, and other precision tools with simple online ordering and fast shipping through an uninterrupted supply chain.

Visit the Centaur Precision Tools Inc. website, https://centaurwebstore.com, or contact us to learn more about our array of high-performance machining tools.


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